Follow Cinch Massi Men's Comp Jacket

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Follow Cinch Massi Men's Comp Jacket

Color: Black/Grey

This is our latest in vest development. The whole design concept was to improve movement, with a more secure fit and we're excited about it.

We used team feedback and retailers to further develop our existing Pro cut. We have added two flex panels in the abdomen to stop the foam rolling when bending. Touch your feet, feel the difference. We also increased the single flex panel in the back to increase the side to side movement.

Have you ever had your impact vest invert in a serious crash? It’s scary. This led to the development of the Pro Fit 2 cinch belt. This is an internal belt that stops the vest inverting or rising. It gives you that piece of mind that your vest will stay in place. If you’re not a fan of it then remove it! It’s not a permanent belt. This is the next generation of vest tech.


  • Dual front flex panels for ultimate movement with no foam bunching.
  • Single rear flex panel enhances side to side movement.
  • New cinch waist belt. Keeps your vest in place and stops your vest inverting on serious crashes. If you don’t like it, remove it. Patent Pending
  • Performance arm hole sizing to reduce jacket lift in the water.
  • Removed under arm foam panel while maintaining lower padding panels for added movement with rib protection.
  • Tapered waist fit, for the athletic build
  • Zipper flap 2.0, Velcro backed neoprene zipper flap. It stops the zipper stabbing you in the throat on that random grab, teamed up with the YKK locker zipper to ensure it stays up.

Please note that comp vests should fit snugly to get the best comfort and performance of your jacket. Since comp vests stretch out with wear and use, the initial fit should feel fairly tight. Don't be alarmed if your vest feels a bit snug when you first receive it.

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